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Willmore Kanyongo

Doctoral Comprehensive Strategic
Knowledge Studies

Business Integration and Evaluation

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Barnes Consulting LLC

Marketing XYZ Construction for Success
Workforce and Operational Management
Organizational Structure
 International Operations
Financial and Accounting Management
Compliance and Legal Considerations
Internal Control and Evaluation
Information Technology

“Reputable companies are vital to homeowners and achieving high standards and positive feedback that can be shared with potential customers is a key element to making a decision in hiring a contractor for any service”
(Jefferies, 2011)

Adding recognition to our company through active marketing that reaches the target audience adds more visibility in the market


Roll-out the marketing flyer


Focus on the residential customers – Adding emphasis on residential customers will add value to our marketing scheme


Marketing products that sell themselves


Creating a niche market that draws customers


Building a future through repeat customers


Framework for success through international marketing initiatives


Keeping employees “in the know” throughout the transition

To continue on a positive trend of growth at XYZ Construction we must continue to focus on the needs of our employees.
The best way to understand the needs of our employees is to keep accurate records on the overall value of each employee and how they can assist in keeping XYZ headed in the right direction. Be honest with employees through accurate feedback and remember the management team sets the standard of expectations.

(PRO, January, 2007)

The success at XYZ Construction is based on the continual growth of the organization. As the leaders of this organization we must make decisions that are based on the best interest of the company and not endeavor unethical decisions that could adversely affect every member of our organization.

Strategic Management
Journal, 2012

Building a reputation in international markets that is mission directed •

Focusing on the operations strategy in every country must be unique to the needs and demands of that country

New product development is a key element to the outreach of international markets

Sourcing the goods and building a sales team to infiltrate new territories internationally

Finding ways to overcome the language barriers in international markets

Fight or flight marketing and sales techniques in international markets •

International logistics

“Working capital measures the ability to pay current liabilities with current assets ” (Pearson, 2011 p.81)
At XYZ Construction our financial future depends on our decisions that we make. If we are going to achieve the IPO status that we are all fighting to achieve we must stay within budget and operate efficiently. The better success that we have as a company will give us stronger roots in investor relations. No one wants to invest money into a sinking ship we must report all financials to shareholders of our organization quarterly. Financial reporting must be accurate with no errors. We have to make sure that we are reporting accurate data to our shareholders in the company. With our new international presence we have to keep a close eye on the ever changing exchange rates.

•At XYZ Construction it is every employees responsibility to operate both legally and ethically.
•Every member of management must convey the message that we want our employees to carry-on.
•Without excellent leaders performing with a high level of ethical standards XYZ Construction will fail.
•XYZ Construction will be challenged by a future of employee laws that must be abided by to the highest standard.
•We must obey all international, state and local laws that