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My Three Barriers and How to Overcome Them
To begin with, my first barrier would be enculturation. I choose this because I believe deeply in Jesus, working hard, no cheating and more. By thinking this way I am blocking my mind form allowing new ideas or anyone else thoughts to enter. I can overcome this barrier by coming into every situation open minded and putting my beliefs and concern aside. Also, by knowing this is for the best and will benefit me; I am more willing to do so. This may be the hardest to overcome because this may be the biggest barrier to get under control. I will have to remind myself daily the benefits of thinking critically outweighs this barrier.
My next barrier would be self-concept. This may take some time as well. Once we become a fan or idealize something so often; it become us. I get offensive if someone thinks negatively about the Ravens. If I get offensive it is less likely that I will think critically about their views and ideas. To overcome this barrier I will have to listen more rather than speak my mind. I will have to start looking at things differently and understanding there is no sides to life. Everything is right as long as you can prove it. This will be easier to conquer especially if there are facts involved.
Last but not least another barrier I believe I can overcome would be my emotional influences. Lately, I have been going to work and coming home with positive energy. I always think about what is ahead of me and know that