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Michael Lawrence Native American Literature Sherman Alexie Reaction Paper

This interview describes cultural diversity as a Native American where with his poetry touches on his visual aspect of what he feels. The poetry is the life of ones story of what words are put into the truth of his words that explain the way socialism and the behavioral way to see the through his poetry. He said that every Native American has a bipolar belief that we tend to see two sides as anger and happiness that focuses on his own weakness of having to take medication to not be angry all the time. In reality as Native American’s we have our own weakness that destroy us as human beings. Alexies’s poetry, that he sees life stories that he views his personality and his knowledge of his own words that relate in his poetry. His stories are views of feelings that as any story teller would write the meaning in their stories. Making sense to the reader’s aspect of the story of how they are going to come across of what they are reading and understanding what the writer is trying to explain. The meaning to the writer is their opinion and style of writing what they are trying to perceive through their stories. I think that what most of Alexie is trying to say that the reality of the truth of living as a Native American in his story represents what is perceived of what we are and how we see our own weaknesses destroy our communities on the reservation’s. The perception of,