Barrio Bantog Essay

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Princess Loriebelle M. Rivera
Management 19: Good Governance and Social Responsibility
MTh 10:30am-12:00pm, Section C

Case 11.3 Consenting to Sexual Harassment

1. According to her own testimony, Vinson acquiesced to Taylor’s sexual demands. In this sense her behavior was “voluntary”. Does the voluntariness of her behavior means that she had “consented” to Taylor’s advances? Does it mean that they were “welcome”? Do you agree that Vinson’s acquiescence shoes there was no sexual harassment? Which court was right about this? Defend your position.

2. In your opinion, under what circumstances would acquiescence be a defense to charges of sexual harassment? When would it not be a defense? Can you formulate a general rule for
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2. Explain 5 factors which contribute to the:

a. Problem

Ans: One of the factors that contribute to the unresolved gambling activities within Barrio Bantog is that (1) Jose Zaldo, the overseer, is performing a multitude of duties that could be a factor why he can’t focus on the main problem. These duties include assigning work to the men in the barrio, deciding work rotations, determining overtime assignments, bringing barrio children to school and bringing the sick workers to the hospital.

(2) (3) Luis Calero, the barrio captain and resident director, was the one who is operating the gambling establishment. The barrio captain is a high position in the area which may be influential and may have the power to control. On the other hand, a residential director may have lots of supporters and friends from the workers because he is the one who is channeling workers’ grievances and labor dispute to the management. He adheres workers’ needs in the management and serve as the representation of them. Another reason why he does not listen to Jose Zaldo is because he is desperate for money. The money is for his oldest son who is attending engineering school in Manila.

(4) The campaign for discontinuance in practice of gambling is not strong. Although it was already started and the management, the continuance of gambling practice is a proof of not giving importance