Barrio Boy Analysis

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Missions and Goals Missions come into people's lives in many different ways. Why people are driven to undertake a mission are as varied as the missions themselves. In Barrio Boy and “Apollo 13” they both have missions. The crew of Apollo 13 and Ernesto Galarza both had to undertake a mission which required them to have bravery, trust in others, and teamwork so they could achieve their goals.
Barrio Boy In Barrio Boy, Ernesto Galarza must learn the English language and become a good American and he wants to do that without losing his Mexican heritage. To undertake his mission, Ernesto used his bravery, trust in others, and teamwork. Ernesto states,“I noticed differences, none of them reassuring” in the first paragraph. He had to be brave
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If they wanted to return then the whole crew would need to be brave and trust in each other and others down on Earth. The crew of Apollo 13 was very brave and the author demonstrate that when he says “Fred and Jim Lovell quickly floated through the tunnel, leaving Jack to perform the last chores in the command module.” He still did his job even though he knew he could get hurt. Fred, Jim, and Jack, the three men on the spacecraft, had a lot of trust in mission control to get them home. If they calculated anything wrong then the men could die. “A most remarkable achievement of mission control was quickly developing procedures for powering up the CM after its long cold sleep.” They didn’t know for sure if they could power it back up but they trusting the mission control, and if they didn’t, they could have died. They’re mission needed a lot of teamwork. “Mission control devised a way to attack the CM consists to the LM system by using plastic bags, cardboard, and tape- all materials carried on board.” The whole mission control were working together as a team to get them back home as safely as they could. Without bravery, trust, and teamwork, the crew of Apollo 13 would have never made it