Barry Bonds Debate Essay

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Nichole Stanford
September 11, 2012
A Debate That Shouldn’t Be In the world of sports today there are many drugs that are used to enhance the performance and enhancement of individuals. The constant striving for success and the want to be number one is one of the first things that may tempt one to take drug enhancements. Some people do not see the drugs as a big deal at all, and think of them as just another form of training. In my opinion, performance enhancements are not okay if a person is participating in a competitive sport. I feel that if a person feels the need to subject his/her body to the effects of the steroids, then the “benefits” the steroids give that person physically should not be compared to the natural abilities of other people. There have been many athletes at all levels of competition that have been accused, investigated, and then found guilty of using steroids during their performance on a team or as an individual in a sport. Marion Jones was an Olympic track runner in the 2000 Olympics. Jones was found to be using steroids since 1999 in order to perform extremely well in the 2000 Olympics. Jones was sentenced to six months in prison after being found guilty of the drug use. A more prominent athlete in America that was found guilty of using drugs is Hulk Hogan. Hogan testified in federal court that his boss provided enhancements to him and the other employees of his to enhance the performance and appearance of them for profit. Barry Bonds was