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In a world where everything is “fair” and “equal” containing flawless people, one man’s “misfortunate” can be life threatening. Bernard Marx is one of the elite groups in his world, however his height and his genes forces him into a lower caste than what he truly is. This makes him an unusual character because he doesn’t’t fit in any group, and has many emotions but cannot do anything about it, he wants to be an individual and cannot become one because of his lack of courage.
Bernard is emotional and depressed and he lacks confidence due to anxiety about rejection. He is an Alpha Plus, but he feels and is accepted as if he is lower than that. That is because of the belief that when he was being born he had alcohol in his blood surrogate, and that has led him to be short and unusual in the public’s view. He is rejected from the Alpha Plus group because of his unusual size, and he is rejected from everyone else because he is in a higher status than them, and they don’t mix with his type. This leaves him to be a complete loner in his society, because of his lack of genetic scheme it forces him to not be able to join a certain cliché.
Bernard is truly emotional, wanting to be a free man who wants to be courageous and brave and to lead himself to higher goals. Even though he wants to be brave and courageous his actions aren’t there. He is an individual who feels strong and wants to act freely, but cannot because he is too shy. Being the outsider, he shows his distressed feelings by being angry at people at reject him and looking at them with disgust.
Bernard acts very tough and brags when he comes to people when people that are the same as him. When he meets with Helmholtz, he starts to brag in front of him and complains allot to him about his feelings of rebelling, and how he has anti-social feelings. But when Bernard comes to deal with people that are of his group or higher he becomes awkward and allows himself to follow orders from his superiors. ‘
The unusualness of Bernard is how he is transformed in the book, from being the hero to being a