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I wish to advance to my next rank because I am ready to handle the responsibility of a first-degree black belt. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to gain my new rank so that I may be able to compete at Nationals and potentially at Worlds. Competing in such tournaments will give me a great opportunity to step up another level and test my skills against better opponents, which will push me towards my goal of becoming a better martial artist. A black belt would be a great demonstration of the dedication and devotion I have put into Taekwon-Do. It is a milestone achievement, and I relish the opportunity to progress in my training as a student in Taekwon-Do. I have trained rigorously with black belts on weekdays and Saturdays in order to improve my physical fitness and my mental sharpness. All the training that I have undergone has not only improved my body and mind, but also helped me make new friends. These friends, unlike many people at school, have discipline and focus. They drive me to become a better than I already am, and many of them have goals and standards that are very similar to mine. Some of the people at Taekwon-Do, have been doing martial arts for decades. I hope to continue in my training long after I will have completed school and had children. I remember that only a couple years ago, I hated going to Taekwon-Do. I would always argue with my mother about whether I should go two hours per week or three, because there was always something better for me to do. Now, I live for Taekwon-Do; instead of two or three hours per week, I do nine or ten. My change of heart was originally due to the goals my masster and my parents had set for me, but soon developed into an intense desire to become great at Taekwon-Do.
I am so grateful for the higher