Baseball and Common Baseball Injuries Essay

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Baseball -one of the oldest and most fascinating games in the world -multi-billon dollar industry dating back to 1800’s - history, levels, and injuries -played since I was 5 and had 3 surgeries -deeply rooted in America’s history
Body (history) -goes back to the 1800’s -not created by a single person but evolved from European games
-Cricket and Rounders/ cricket played on circular field attempting to knock over wooden posts. Rounders is more similar to modern baseball where there are 4 posts like the bags. Earn points only played 2 innings
-town ball was the game from which modern baseball evolved
-diamond field was adopted/3 strikes a batter/umpire
-the Olympic ball club of Philly was first town ball org. in 1833
-Alex Cartwright “father of baseball” wrote original 20 rules of the game and formed first team the New York knickerbockers
-Differentiated from town ball with new rules of fair and foul, three outs an inning
-played by millions around the world
Body (levels) -t-ball is first level with kids avg age 4-6 -Pitching machine is next from around 8-9 year olds -kid pitch is next and they make a transition at 13 to the big field -middle school, high school, and travel ball -drafting process -college baseball -rookie league/Single A/Double AA/triple AAA- minor leagues -Players filter through the levels at different paces
-major leagues/ players can be traded and sign contracts in both major and minor leagues
Body (injuries) -many injuries still occur to players even though its non-contact -unique injuries are caused by the throwing motion
-not a natural motion/ causes excessive wear and tear on the shoulder and