Biographical Essay On Baseball

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Fernando Martinez
Ms. Cabrera
English 1
21 October, 2009
Autobiographical Essay The story I’m about to tell is about the time I played baseball witch I ended up making my first ever homerun. It was two years ago when I joined my dad’s friend baseball team the team’s name was Dodgers it was during the summer of 2007.The problem was I didn’t know how to move in the field, needed to learn my batting stance and I got better.
The characters: me, my dad Benito, my coach Jesus, and my big brother Benny. When I was 13 years old I use to go with my dad to go see him play he was kind of one of the best. I was too young to play with them I was just 7 years old. So my dad had a friend that was making a baseball team for ages 13-15 then my dad talked to him and Jesus said” yes” so my dad put me in the team. The team’s name was The Dodgers it’s the coach favorite team and my dads that’s why he put me in it.

The team always practiced at Roosevelt the position I chose were pitcher or out fielder the position I prefer was pitching. There were lots of power hitters in the team including me. My coach Jesus told the whole team that we can pick our own uniform number I got number 13 because my favorite player has that number his name is Alex Rodriguez he plays for the New York Yankees