Baseball: Baseball and High School Essay

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Baseball was first invented in 1839 by abner Doubleday. After 6 years of getting used to the new sport alexander joy Cartwright develops the rules of baseball. After the rules were finalized the first official game of baseball was played in 1846, it was the knickerbockers and a group of cricket players. After 20 years of play, the first women’s baseball team was created in 1866 from Vassar College. In 1867 candy Cummings threw the first curve ball ever thrown in the national baseball league. In 1877 4 players are banned from the national baseball league for taking bribes. Banned is most likely in that situation forever. Back then for doing such a little thing like bribing you get banned from baseball, but the rules have changed a lot from 1877 to now in 2b\014 many players doing stuff like domestic violence and illegal stuff like that and only get a suspension. In 1884 the first louse Ville slugger bat was used. The first Louisville bat if still here is most likely worth A LOT of money not only cause it’s a big brand name but because of how many people advertise Louisville and use the bats. Some bats may be very expensive just for one it could be over $500 but in that time you had to be rich to own a bat of that price. It is amazing of the things that barely happened or found out how to do just like Mr. Cummings did with the curveball back then that was amazing and I’m sure there were many questions on how he threw it or what did he do to throw it. Now a days baseball fans are used to that and it’s really nothing to big.
In baseball it’s very different from any other sport. Usually a referee will throw out a flag for a penalty or blow a whistle to stop it but in baseball they don’t really do anything but call it safe or not safe. Other than calling those types of decisions the referees also are the one to see if are play review regulations, foreword, over view, manager challenges, crew chief reviews etc. is necessary. I’ve only played baseball in physical education and I played when I was 5/6 but it hasn’t really been a sport for me. I’m a physical type of player I like boxing, football and games like that and I know every once in while baseball can get a bit physical but that’s what I would change. So if the batter hit a fly ball and is watching it you can prevent him from scoring a point by hitting him and slowing him down so he wont score and it would be easier to get a out to. Also I would change the rules for a fly ball catch and out. I would change that because you put a lot of effort into hitting that