Baseball Bat Short Story

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Baseball bat By : Maison Nawrocki

Crack! I’m about to hit with my lovely new ash made wood bat that was very dark chocolate brown. I decided to get my very good friend colton 3 houses down because I did not want to be lonely and it would be more fun. Me and Colton had a lot in common we are both short and we love sports. We had to go on a journey to get to our destination.

We made it to just a beautiful sight of a nicely cut green grass field to hit some red stitched up baseballs. We had to set up a really nice shinny silver tee to hit our nicely stitched baseballs off. Boom! Snap! Crack! We hit ball after ball for at least two hours long but me and colton had a great time. But now for the worst part now we have to clean up every
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I said “we're almost there colton”

Colton started to almost run across the street to his house but a red small car zoomed by and he took a quick step back into the grass and he said “ that was a close one “ well daydreaming. Colton! Well colton we should go now i said i my head. He was taking practice swings but I need to get home so I walked up to go across the very rocky road. Crack! Ow!

“Go get my mommy” I screamed over and over

Colton dashed across the ridged road ran straight into my house came back out my house with my mom they dashed acrossed

“What happened Maison” yelling in worry

“I got hit by the bat”screaming in pain.

Colton went to go get his dad his dad dashed out and carried me straight to my house my mom made sure I got ice on it right away. He laid me straight on the couch to lay down and I took a good sleep right there and right