Baseball: Francisco Goya and Goya Essay

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This particular artwork I picked is very unique, as I researched there are many other paintings that have the same meaning, maybe even the same texture or images, but none are more extravagant than this one. I really liked this image when I saw it because it gave me a since of feeling, like, what’s going on here? The meaning of this image is what really has you thinking. It is part of Goya’s Black paintings. On this painting “Saturn Devouring One of His Son’s” by Francisco Goya y Lucientes created in 1820-1823 in Madrid, Spain by oil in plaster, Goya painted a big naked man in the middle of the painting who represents Saturn (time), and a little ate up body with blood all on it which represents the people as in us. The cannibalism also represents terror and violence. By the way he painted this picture and how he made the figures Goya was trying to let the viewer’s know something. The colors of this artwork also give off a bad or scary feeling. If He wanted to put fear in the crowd’s heart then he really did it with the black background, and how the picture looks like it has deep space and can go forever without knowing you’re going to stop. There were many formal elements in this artwork also, like there is no linear perspective in the artwork. This is an Asymmetrical Artwork because it is not balanced on both sides, the man is very large and the body in his hands is very small compared to Male figure. The focal point is on the man’s mouth while he is consuming the dead…