Essay about Baseball: Human Body and Steroids

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Steroids are ruining the integrity of sports The only way I can see fans wanting sports to allow steroids is, to see the professional athletes push the human body to the limit physically and steroids can make that happen. I am against steroids in sports but I will admit it, I would like to see athletes push the human body to the limit. Who would not want to see a track star run a 100 meter in under nine seconds, or a football player almost take someone’s head off when they tackle a player? That creates excitement and that is what gets fans to go to the games and become sports fans. Fans want to see athletes shatter records and in sports today that doesn’t happen frequently. The above average fans live and breathe the sport that they love and have fantasy teams and the whole nine yards. Above average baseball fans who depend on baseball for livelihood and amusement wanted so much to believe in the essential goodness of the game and the greatness of the players, we missed or ignored the signs: the larger biceps, the back acne, the outsize statistics; and they cannot have that because of all the players cheating and taking steroids to gain an edge on the other players. Whereas sports fans want a true honest player that has enough skill to be good and doesn’t need steroids to make him or herself better. The above average fan does not want to see steroids in sports at all, because it ruins the integrity of the sport as well as the players’. Steroids should be allowed in sports, because fans want to see athletes push the limit of the human body physically. There is a limit for the human body, but no athlete has ever really taken their body to the limit. All athletes have rigorous workouts daily they do that push them physically, but fans want to see athletes get huge. Like a six foot seven inch 245 pound man be able to run a sub nine second 100 meter yard dash, compared to the average track athlete who stands five foot 11 inches and about 180 pounds. It is very unlikely for a man of that size to run that fast, however it is not unlikely that a man will never run that fast. Scientists have researched and found that it will not be long till someone will be able to run a sub 9 second 100 meter sprint, or close to a sub 9. That is freakishly fast for a human and steroids will help a human get there and speed up the process of getting there; but humans may not get there without the help from performance enhancers, or it may take a lot longer for a human to reach that speed.
Injecting your body with steroids puts you at many risks and harms you badly. The most common side effects in men are they develop breasts, get painful erections, have their testicles shrink, have decreased sperm count, become infertile, and become impotent. Side effects for woman are they grow excessive face and body hair, have their voices deepen, experience menstrual irregularities, have an enlarged clitoris, have reduced breast size, and have a masculinized female fetus. Then there are common side effects that both men and women share both get acne, have an oily scalp and skin, get yellowing of the skin, become bald, have tendon rupture, have heart attacks, have an enlarged heart, develop significant risk of liver disease and liver cancer, have high levels of bad cholesterol, have mood swings, fly into rages, and suffer delusions. (“Why steroids are bad for you”).
Those are just the common side effects that you are guaranteed to get while taking steroids. But there are far more health risks and diseases you put your body at. The biggest and most concerning risk is and increased chance of getting some kind of from of cancer. And if that’s not a good reason not to do steroids than I don’t know what is.

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