Baseball Personal Statement

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The future is a mysterious place and can be intimidating. No one ever truly knows what is in store for them; the same applies to me. Nevertheless, I have honed in on my true passions which I desire to pursue. Hood College is a school I have fallen in love with. At Hood College, I wish to major in Political Science and History. The latter is a huge aspect of my life and I enjoy it very much. The former I have been interested in ever since I first heard former U.S.House of Representatives Ron Paul speak; what he said about government spending and going against to Patriot Act got me into the world of politics. At Hood, I would also like to contribute to the Hood Baseball Program. Baseball has been an immense passion of mine ever since I was eight years old. Baseball is one of the sports where many attend and yet very few understand. Many people believe that Baseball is simple; this is largely due to the ease that professional baseball players seem to project, but …show more content…
My Freshman year I had okay grades but I struggled at Algebra and Foreign Language. I struggle my Freshman year in Algebra and failed it, I didn’t have any missing assignments and always did my work and I stilled failed. and same scenario happen with Latin One. I was lost I Couldn’t seem to get anything right. But with help with the math specialist Mr. Roberts I started to to much better in Math and got a B in Geometry my Junior year. Every since the start of my junior year I made honor roll twice and grades are getting better and better. I realised the key to being successful is working hard. I learned this when I didn’t make my high school baseball team my Freshman and Sophomore year. I learned that nothing in life you can get easily, you have to work hard and be dedicated to succeed. My junior year I made the baseball team and I have still continued to work hard and become a better student