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Opening Pitch

Baseball was more than just a sport in my household. Baseball was a lifestyle day in and day out. Going to batting practice in the morning to game time in the evening was a constant commitment. My family lives and breathes baseball. I’ll go ahead and give a summary of how it all began in my early childhood days. Ever since my third birthday when I was given a baseball glove from my dad, he and I both knew that from that point on, my life would never be the same. I began coach pitch around the age of six years old and became a star from that point forward. Players despised me and coaches would die to have me play on the team. I was obsessed with the fame and worked hard to get there, I was a stud. As I got older I joined a competitive team in my city called the Bartlett Panthers. This is where baseball became a lifestyle more than ever. A weekend would consist of: two-a-days, to out of town tournaments, and to the Little League World Series, in Orlando, Florida. Although we came home early from Orlando it was still one of the most memorable experiences of my life to date. Once I reached high school I continued to play baseball until I was a junior. Another great achievement was when my high school team went to the state playoffs to battle the best of the best. Although we did not win, it still played a very special moment in my heart. After my junior year I gave up on my love for playing the game due to multiple problems with my knee. To this