Baseball vs. Cricket Essay

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Joshua Goodman
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Baseball vs. Cricket
Baseball and cricket both simply involve a ball and bat; however, they do not experience the same traditions or style of play as the other (Swinging Away 4). The world recognizes baseball as a highly respected game. Only a certain part of the world sees cricket in this way. They both require an advanced skill set but both in very different and unique ways. Just because someone plays baseball does not mean they have the skills to play cricket, and vice versa.
People recognize cricket as a very different sport from baseball due to its unique set-up and gameplay. Not many people know how to play cricket. On defense, the bowler tries to throw the ball past the batsman and hit the wickets to remove the bails from the stumps. He tries to do this to get the batter out. Fielders can also get the batsman out by catching the ball in the air or throwing it to the batter’s destination before he gets there. The batsman tries to hit the ball and proceeds to run to the crease and then back to where he started. He can earn up to six runs on one hit, and he keeps hitting until the defense gets him out (Engel 61). Cricket games vary in length of time. This sport mainly takes place in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia and sometimes in other places around the world.
The worldwide popularity of baseball definitely stands out more than the popularity of cricket. The Little League World Series brings teams from all over the world to play in one big tournament every year in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This worldwide attention creates a good image for the whole sport of baseball. The idea behind baseball is quite different than the idea of cricket. A pitcher throws to a batter, but he tries to throw strikes instead of trying to dislodge bails from stumps. In baseball, only nine players take the field for each team unlike cricket’s eleven per team. The defensive players get the batter out by catching the ball in the air, tagging the runner, or getting a force out. Other circumstances occur but these happen most often. Baseball games last nine innings with each inning having six outs. If the two teams have the same amounts of runs after nine innings, the game will go into extra innings until one team scores more than the other. Baseball takes place all over the world but the United States claims responsibility for the sport’s creation (Eckard 122).
Even with all of these differences, baseball and cricket still share things in common. People of all ages play these interesting games. They both consist of a