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Baseline Project Plan Report Introduction
This new system being developed for Lowell Pizza, will track customer orders in real time with a short electronic form that can be accessed from customers online as well as in store. This tracking system will have customers select what they want and give them an approximate time that order will be finished as well as tell Lowell Pizza what they ordered. This system can also be used to track inventory of Lowell Pizza based on what customers ordered. Resources needed for this project include two team members and new equipment which has been outlined in the feasibility reports. The reason for this is that the new ordering system will allow for more customers to reach Lowell Pizza, reduce times of orders, and bring in new customers. This system will use Microsoft Access as well as Java to get the task done.
It is recommended that that some activities be done along side other tasks between the two team members in order to meet the time frame of 6 months. System Description
Among the alternatives ­ like buying an already existing product, outsourcing the Project to a different company or making all the system by ourselves ­ we decided to make all the system by ourselves in order to be sure for how the system will work and what should be the steps. In addition, we want to save money by creating this new system by ourselves.
The system will be coded in Java, and will allow customer to pick items from Lowell Pizzas products that they sell. When their selection is made they will be asked to swipe their credit or debit card to pay, or insert money to complete their order. If they are doing it online, they can be choice to pay in cash at time of delivery, or use their credit or debit cards to pay before their food arrives. Feasibility Assessment
Economic Analysis­ The financial costs will be reduced by using less waitress and by saving paper since there will be electronic form instead of spreadsheets.
Thus there will be big amount of money savings in long term.
Technical Analysis­ The operating environment of the Project includes internet, a hardware and software like a computer and an application that includes the electronic form.
Operational Analysis­ we could take advantage of the opportunity of saving time and human effort by filling an electronic form everywhere which internet exists. Legal and Contractual Analysis­ The potential legal and constructional ramifications includes labor laws which defends labor rights in thread.
Political Analysis­ In order to prevent political ramifications, the distribution of power and to prevent the project’s intended focus, there will be a contract that each person in the team had to sign.
Schedules, Timeline and Resource analysis­ If we take into consideration the resource allocation and completion­data scenarios, the estimated finishing time of the Project is
6 months.

Management Issues
Team Configuration and Management
The project requires 2 team members,each team member will work together to complete each step of the ask as well as one collecting a document all reports will be made. Each member will report to each other at the beginning and end of each task through email. Communication Plan
Communication among team member will come in two forms, through weekly emails, every Friday, about the status of the project according to the schedule, as well as an email to opposite team memeber at the completion of each task, as well as physical meetings that will take place 2 times a week every Monday and Wednesday starting at 10:45am. This is how each member will coordinate each task with each other. Collection of all emails will be collected and stored on Cameron Viveiros’s