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Car Insurance

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Mr. V as i l e Chiriac
168 S t . Jam es P ark Road
N ort h am p t on
N N 5 5 E N

Policy Number: E394052H

11 May 2014

Dear Mr Musteata
Thank you for choosing AA Car Insurance. We are pleased to enclose your new policy documents within this pdf. Please check all documents carefully to make sure you have the cover you require and that your details are correct (please see "Making sure that your details are correct and/or making a change to your cover" overleaf).

Policyholder Name:
Mr Iurie Musteata
AA Car Insurance Period of
00:01 hrs 11 May 201412:00 hrs 10 May 2015
Unique Reference Number:

Confirmation of your AA Car Insurance cover and total amount payable are all detailed in the 'About Your Cover' section overleaf.
This pdf contains a Certificate of Motor Insurance, which provides proof of your cover. In your
Policy Booklet you will find a Policy Summary which outlines the main features and benefits, and significant exclusions or limitations to this Policy. Please take some time to carefully read the Statement of Insurance and Policy Booklet as they include full details of your AA Car
Insurance cover. Your online account has also been updated with your Policy Booklet.
We can confirm that your Instalment Account will be debited with the total amount payable of £944.88. We have already collected a deposit of £83.47 and the remaining balance will be paid in monthly instalments. You will shortly receive a separate pack from us containing details of your instalment plan plus a Credit Agreement to sign and send back.
The total quoted includes a discount of £22.28
What to do next
Please provide the following items/information:
Please provide proof of your no claims bonus within 14 days of the start of your policy by sending written evidence from your previous insurer. This could be either your latest renewal notice or a letter stating the number of years or percentage earned. Without this we cannot finalise your policy.
Please send the written evidence to AA Insurance Services, PO Box 2AA, Newcastle Upon Tyne,
NE99 2AA
Did you know?
You're covered under our Uninsured Driver Promise which means if you're hit by an uninsured driver, you won't have to pay your excess or lose your No Claims Discount when you claim.
As long as you can provide us with the make, model and a valid registration of the other car involved, you're covered.
Why not tailor your AA Car Insurance to suit you?
Please call us today on 0844 412 4684 to discuss enhancing your policy with the following:

Add AA Motor Legal Assistance for help to recover certain uninsured losses, includes Legal
Advice, downloadable legal documents and Driver Confidence lessons.

Total Amount
Payable £944.88
(including interest for paying monthly)
For monthly instalments interest is payable on this amount.
A breakdown of your quote is overleaf. Remember your AA Car
Insurance policy includes:
• Up to 90 days car insurance cover across EU countries
• Access to our 24 hour dedicated claim line

Customer Services
0844 412 4684
Lines are open
8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
9am - 5pm Saturday
10am - 2pm Sunday

Add AA Car Hire and get a hire car if your car is written off due to an accident or stolen and not recovered

Add AA Excess Protection to get your full policy excess reimbursed if it cannot be recovered elsewhere

Add AA Motorists Accident Plan so that you and your passengers are covered for up to £20,000 each against serious injury or death while travelling in your car

Making a claim
If you need to make a claim please call our Claimline on 0800 269 622. Calls to this number are free and lines are open 24/7.
Making sure that your details are correct and/or making a change to your