Basic Elements of Music and Critical Thinking Questions Essay

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What are the basic elements of music? the basic elements of music is pitch,melody,dynamincs,form,rythem. What is pitch? pitch is sounds that are sometimes higher or lower which is frequence of a sound. What is syncopation? What types of music use syncopation? syncopation is involving placing emphasis on normally un-emphasized beats or using a rest on a normally emphasized beat. What are three examples of forms of music? Describe each form.. A sonata is a musical composition for a solo instrument often piano or other keyboard instrument. a composition may be called a sonata if it was designated as such by the composer rather than having the piece meet other criteria for a sonata. A symphony is a musical piece that has been scored for a full orchestra; it is often an extended composition. What is form in music?It is the combination of the other musical elements, including pitch, tempo, and dynamics.

Critical Thinking Questions

Music has sometimes been referred to as a "universal language." Why has this description been applied to music? Do you agree or disagree with this assessment? Why?Agree because some people can communicate through music and express theirselves.And music brings people together. Why is musical notation important? What benefits do musicians and others receive from being able to write down and note aspects of a musical piece?Musical notation is important because it allows musicians to write down what they are going to play and so they can remember exactly what they did in a song. In the first part of the module, we discussed how music is everywhere in society. What are some of the ways that we use music? How do you use