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Michael McKeon, Age 32, born January 27, 1980 in Boston, MA. I currently reside at 7 Leslie Street, Dorchester, MA 02122. My Email is:, my Telephone number is: 617-514-4970

1994: Summer job educating and handling proper care and conduct of Daycare participants for the Curley Recreation Center in South Boston, MA, 02127. Numerous duties included designing and execution of daytime events, rest procedures, and general well-being of children participating, many of whom were Staff of the Curley Rec. Center's Children.

1995: Began Enrollment in Boston College High School's Freshman Curriculum. Was Immediately Accepted to Freshman Hockey Team based on Performance in Try-Outs.

1995: Accepted Summer Job position of Lifeguard Intern at the Curley Recreation Center in South Boston, MA 02127. Duties included maintenance of Lifeguard gear, Active Patrol and Disciplinary Duties for Patrons, and Overall Safety of Patrons participating in activities on the beach(Closed, Private beach). Also participated in General Education of Life-Saving Procedures including but not limited to CPR, Back-Neck Alignment and Stabilization Procedures for Victims, and Diving Procedures for Saving Submersed Victims, and how to stabilize and rescue in Tread-Status.

1996: Accepted Summer job for Lifeguard Position. Duties included all of the above Interning Duties with a New Emphasis on Life-Saving Procedures and Patrol.

1996: Sustained an Injury preventing me from Participating in B.C. High Hockey during Try-Outs, not a permanent injury.

1997: Recommended for and Accepted Role of Lifeguard Intern Supervisor, where I was tasked with the Duties of Training New Lifeguard Interns at both the Curley Recreation Center and the Murphy School and Community Center in Dorchester, MA 02122. Performed Tasks of Introduction to CPR, Back and Neck Stabilization Techniques, and Dive Procedures for Submersed Victims. Also Swimming Endurance was a key role of the Task.

1997: Was Accepted to Junior Varsity Hockey Team at B.C. High.

1998: Accepted a Lifeguard Position at the Condon School, in South Boston, MA, 02127, along with 4 other Lifeguards, 2 of whom were in training as Interns. Performed various Patrol and Disciplinary Duties, along with Evaluation and Application of Proper Pool Chemicals. Stayed on at this job from Summer '98 until late winter '98, where-in
I resigned due to lack of Support in my role as a sole Lifeguard in a 2 Zone Pool, after summer jobs and Interns left, i was the Only Lifeguard Employed at the Condon Community Center and School. I stayed roughly 5 months before the burden of handling Pool Chemicals, locker room sanitation, Proper Conduct of Patrons at the pool, Maintenence of the gear and being the only Lifeguard in a 2 zone pool became an unnecessary risk for me, and I resigned from my Duties. During my working period though, I accepted the Task of being the Condon School's Swim Team Coach, and Traveled around the Greater Boston Area with my team, from 8-to-14 Year old's and we had a decent season and a Great Time.

1998: Procured a Position at the South Boston Neighborhood House Pre-School, now called "The Ollie", as a Daycare Counselor, as part of Community Service for Graduation Requirements at Boston College High School. Mid-way through my Duties, A new child came to the Pre-school, under the supervision of the Department of Social Services, and I Took it upon myself to Cater to That One Particular Boy's Needs and became a Fulfillment of his need of a Positive Male Role-Model. His name was Charles, an African-American boy who was very well-behaved most-times, appeared to struggle with Daily Routines at Intermittent Times, but rarely. He Became a Primary Figure in my Role as Daycare Counselor, while the rest of the teaching Staff did their roles. However i never let any of the Children feel left-out or lesser.

1998: Participated in and completed "The Walk For Hunger" on RollerBlades, a 20 Mile