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Outline Example:

Name: Eric Weeden
Class: Business Communication
Assignment: Persuasive Speech Outline
Date: 14 April 2012

Description of Business Audience: Management of restaraunt

The Benefits of Music in Our Restaraunt

Thesis statement: Music can increase production and workflow, as well as improving our income by getting customers to spend more.


I. Music can convince customers to stay longer and buy more A. Must chose the proper type of music for business B. Customers are likely to spend more with certain background music 1. 20% Average for classical music 2. 16% Average for Pop C. Customers will stay longer with slower music

II. Effects of music on employees

A. Study on musical types in work setting 1. dichaotic 2. classical B. Musical selection 1. Workers choosing own music 2. Repetitive music during a singular shift C. Compare and offer suggestions

III. Selecting the right music to balance customer and worker positive influence

A. Compare what music works best for each group in the interest of the business 1. Customers 2. Employees B. Offer a happy medium 1. Current music trends 2. Classical music that works for all

IV. License A. Why we need it for music B. Cost and process for obtaining


V. Explanation of Visual Aids: I will use visual aides to liven up certain slides, as well as using tables listed in some of the studies to show the positive effects of music in the business setting

VI. References:

Haake, A. B.