Essay on Basic Screenwriting Notes

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The Hero with a Thousand Faces
Joseph Campbell
Theory of the journey of the archetypal hero found in world mythologies.
1. The character is restless wanting a separation from reality
2. Adventure presents itself, the hero is the one with the courage to say ‘yes’
3. The character has a mentor
4. Journey begins, It becomes obvious it is the character’s destiny to be a hero
5. Things start getting strange which marks the point of no return
6. The character must complete their initiation/seize the treasure
7. The character confronts death
8. Follows heart-mentor flashback
9. Completes Mission using the power and strength inside of them
10. Recognized as a true hero

Basic Screenplay
90-120 pages MAX -one minute per page in average
Within the first 10 pages the viewer must be hooked/personally invested (shortened attention spans)
‘FADE IN:’ just means start
INT vs. EXT. helps organization due to shooting out of sequence
Give each location a unique name i.e (Office, Office Hallway)
First time a character is mentioned is in CAPS for Casting Directors

Everything is in real-time.
Every word counts.

Need-to-know vs. Beautiful Text
‘INSERT:’ Camera Operator
Writer gives up artistic vision when releasing it to Director/Actor
Can’t shoot the brain, only actions-not what one thinks and feels
Series of