A Basic Structure For Writing Ask For In College

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A Basic Structure for Writing Ask for in College
In college, most professors will except their students to follow a particular format when writing. The writing the students do may be in response to a statement, question, prompt, video, work of art, or book—to list a few. This expected format of writing entails writing an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. This may seem as a format for an essay, and it is. In college, the majority of writing done will include some type of overview, elaboration, and summary. However, what dictates the length of the paper written is the size of the body, which are essentially the specifics or details the writer decides to include and elaborate. The beauty about writing is that every type of paragraph aims to answer certain questions in an effort to accomplish the specific goal of the paper—answering the question, “Why did the writer take the time to write the paper”? Let us explore the goals of the introduction, body, and conclusion and derive some questions that may aid us an achieving their goals in terms of our writer’s autobiography.
The introduction is intended to catch the reader’s attention and provide background information about the topic to be written about in the paper.
 Clincher
 Describe subject
• What topic is the paper focusing on?
• Are there any details that are specific, unique, or unknown (not common knowledge) that would aid the reader in understanding your written ideas?
• Why should it be relevant to the reader or why is it relevant to you?
• What specific experience(s) led me to writing about this topic?

A body paragraph aims to provide support for the topic mentioned in the introduction. It is comprised of an example that provides details about the topic as well as one or several explanations as to why that example is relevant.
• Who or what