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Gus Bolen
Molly Martini
November 19, 2012 Reflection Paper In May of this year I was caught furnishing marijuana paraphernalia in my dormitory in the Bean East complex. For my actions I had to write this reflection paper through the school in order to help me understand why I use and what I did. I was in Bean East in Thornton Hall last year as a freshman. I was involved in an incident in March where marijuana paraphernalia was found in my dorm. May I first start off by saying that I am sincerely sorry for doing what I did. My actions were totally uncalled for and again I apologize immensely. Marijuana is an illegal substance in the United States and does not belong on at an educational institution where learning demands focus and motivation. I was not thinking at the time of the incident and I should have thought of the consequences that would follow. Even though the water pipe was clean of marijuana residue and that water pipes can be used for tobacco, I know that they are not allowed on campus or in University Housing. I might have been paying room and board however that still means I am a guest at the University of Oregon, which doesn’t give me an excuse to break the rules. I please ask that of you to not force me to attend the Basics class since I did it last year. Since last year I have learned my actions are uncalled for and they do not hold high standings in the educational society at the university level. In addition, my actions last year affect my ability to register for classes this year making me very frustrated. However, I learned that if I had taken care of this sanction last year with more initiative so I would not have affected me this year. Also my actions did not only just affect me but also my roommate as well who was not in Eugene at the time of the incident and was unaware on what had happened. On the other hand, my roommate could have taken the same initiative to solve the problem and not knowing something is no excuse. We are both sincerely sorry for our irresponsibility last year. Steven and I have both learned valuable lessons on taking initiative on resolving sanctions on time as well as the valuable lesson of what marijuana can do to you. Marijuana is still an illegal substance and significantly impares judgement. However, that aside I learned many of the same side affects that would benefit and cost me when smoking marijuana because that is what I got caught for. We simply talked about the affects of marijuana and why we use. This reflection essay and the incident in May when I got caught in the dorms have allowed me to understand my marijuana use more fully and when I should use and if I should use anymore. I got caught in the dorms because I