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Domestic Violence is something that no one really notice.Its in everything we see,but we do not notice it.Maybe it's because we are stuck on everything else.The murders,homicides,suicides,etc. Don't get me wrong it is all important.But you never notice when all of this is all on the news,it never pops in your head.Or this happend because of something probably at home,or ofteir parent,etc.Put it all together its all domestic violence.Their are alot of ways,domestic violence is in this world. We just need to pay attention,and notice.It may help you find something,or see something in a different way you never seen it before.Maybe just in a way that you never thought you would see something.

Domestic Violence is everywhere.Whether we see it or not. We have so many things that influence us,and we don't even notice it.Tv infulences violent behavior in most programs we watch. From the news,too reality television, too even cartoons. This makes the person who is watching this think its ok,or cool.Only because its on tv.Violence in video games also influence's behavior,and attitudes among children who watch,or play it. Different forms of this is somethings you would never guess of.Some of our everday things we do.There is physical assualt,and agression such as :Hitting,punching,biting,kicking,throwing objects,etc. Also threating,sexual,emotional,controlling, mental-illness, co-morbid (meds),Alcohol consumption,etc abuse. Even harrasment,stalking,and kidnapping. This study is important becauseit shows, parents do not notcie it either. They aren't paying attention too what we watch,do,and be around. It can affect all of us in the most surprisng,and deadly way.

Do you ever wonder though "What's going on at home?" Well this is what we should be asking. 3.3 million children witness domestic violence.Main reason a child becomes violent because they seeit in their homes. Either to someone direct or too someone else.Then this leads to statistics saying "Studies found children who were exsposed to domestic violence,and other abuse their is at higer risks developing mental,and physical health probelms.Or 60% of teens say others are shot because of abuse at home.Almost 1 in 4 teens reported having easy access to guns at home." This all leads to 40% of domestic violence is commiteed by teens. Parents should be showing more love,protection,and care.Not doing this.This is not what they had us for. This reminds me of my two bestfriends going through this. When their parents get angry instead of controlling their self,and fixing the situation,they are violent. I think anonousmous,is afraiid of her parent.When she tells her other parent/guardians, they do not believe them.The only person who did is now deceased,so their is no one left.She triesd to do her best at everything at all times to make her family happy. But she,ad her mother think different.Other when in arguments,and fights with parents.He fights back Thisa leads too more problems.He also tries