Basketball and Jihao Essay

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Best Friend and Close brother It was the 1st of October in Shanghai China, Chinese National day. As usual on every National day since I was 7 years old, Jihao and Yanzi, my two best friends, and I, went for a trip where a famous mountain is. I certainly carried out my game controller, packed my suitcase and went with my parents to collect my friends by way of a car. It is going to be an unusual day, I thought to myself as I took my father’s camera to take some photos in my albums. Jihao and I were born on the same month in May that I was older than him for 3 days. His mother and my mother are sisters since they were born. Their story is much like a 80 years movie about two good sisters looking after each others. They joined the Tsinghua University and both got married in the same years, and my father appeared. The interesting things are that they had their kids on the same hospital as well. As density lead us, Jihao and I became really good friends and close brothers. We both had the same hobby: basketball. He was taller than me that he played basketball center and I played basketball guard. We have won many basketball matches in our childhood by our good teamwork. Jihao had a large target that he wanted to be a professional basketball player in his whole life and I was happy to see that. Most years, we lived in the hotel where a good place to stay is. The room was 10 miles east of the mountain we would go. We all rented the bicycles and rode around our hotel. For the security, we couldn't go to the mountain by ourselves because it's evening when we arrived here. After we took a ride, we were going to sleep for good vigor that can made us have nice work tomorrow. By the mountain, we played basketball in the hotel gym. We also swam in the swimming pool, and our parents taught us how to fishing. After having a delicious lunch of some Chinese food, we took a break in the room, and Jihao decided to play poke. We were happy with this moment. Although we had been to many mountains before, I still thought this trip was good because Jihao was here. “We are the closest brother and best friend, like our mother” he always mentioned this and I was happy to agree with it. I can’t explain why, but he is my most important person in my life. I have never seen others that serious before. “Of course we are”, I answered him, very kindly. It was almost dark in this evening and had to go to sleep immediately. However, Jihao and I wanted to explore in the mountain as we did before. We walked along the river with the flashlight. At first, we know the way to back the hotel. However, because I wanted to see some fireflies, we deviated from the road. When we wanted back, we found that we were lost. The road we walked all looked like different. I was so scared at this time, but Jihao was calm in that time, he told me we can try to use the cell phone. Unfortunately, we found that our cell phones were out of the service. I cried because I thought we couldn't find the way to back home. Jihao looked like so scared, but he made him be calm and try to lead us move out of here. “Jihao, can we find the way to home!” I cried out as I was so upset in