Essay about Basketball and Michael Jordan

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If I could meet a famous person from the history, I would like to meet Michael Jordan one of the legendary and greatest basketball player of all time. If I would have a chance to meet an athlete like him, It would be the best thing that would happen in my life. I want to meet Michael because I love playing basketball. Michael Jordan was a legend. His name represents the basketball.

When I was 13, I started to play and be a fan of basketball. I always watch Michael Jordan highlights on YouTube. Because when the time that he's playing a game of basketball, I'm not a basketball fanatic yet. That was my first time to know and idolized Michael Jordan, and I was so impressed. Michael has an amazing skill and a great attitude. I love the way he dunks the basketball and shoot over a great defender.
I'm sure that Jordan have many fans than other players in the nba. For me Michael Jordan is a gifted athlete. Everyone will say that he was just lucky to get his talent, but I believe before he became a great basketball in the nba is that he focus more and learn the basic rules of a basketball game and how to play it. He became more focus and determind and has done many practice on his skills. That was encourages me to do more practice on basketball, and show my skills in the game. Michael Jordan has done many record, He leads his team to win NBA champion many times. I love watching NBA, even thouhh my idol already retired. I always copy his basketball moves, the way he crosses his defenders and