Basketball and Playing Point Guard Essay

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Dwayne Thomas
English I
30 October 2013

Ball Is Life Playing Point Guard is a very unorthodox position I have to master. Even though basketball is my favorite sport I’m not very connoisseur at the guard position. I really don’t like playing point guard because it’s a very challenging spot to play, there is always someone that is going to judge you if you do bad, because the point guard position stands out. So when I was younger I would just stick to shooting guard since I have a shot. I would always be scared to play the position; to me it’s very frightening I am the type of kid that tries to make everything right or have everything correct. My basketball coach always had trust in me. He believes that I have the potential to play the most challenging position. He wants me to move up to play the point guard position because in the previous games we have been on a 0-3 losing streak with our starting point guard. An one day after practice my coach told me to meet him in his office, and he said, “Dwayne, I really need you to step up and become a leader on my team, you have so much potential to play this point guard position, to me u inspire some of you teammates on the team to become a better player than who they are now, Dwayne you are very beneficial to the team, the team needs you …… do you think you can do it? The choice I made wasn’t easy I slept on my decision for 2 days. An those days as I was thinking I really need to push myself I’m not just doing it for me I’m doing it for my team. So I decided to pursue my decision, the position my coach put me in was very affective because it made me become a leader on and off the court. To myself I was thinking… Wow something’s that you might not like may help you in the long run. Some people get mad because