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Basketball Team During my high school years, I was involved in many different groups within my school, community, and church. Some of my favorite groups that I was involved in when I was in high school were athletic groups. I played football and basketball, and was also involved in the yearbook committee. The group that I will focus on in this paper will be when I played on the high school basketball team. The reason I chose my basketball team is because two of my best friends were on the basketball team with me, and I feel the basketball team was very close with one another and cared for each other. You could say that the basketball team was my primary group, which is a group composed of people who know one another well, and seek one another’s company. During the course of the season and the summer, I would say that there were interorganizational relationships between our coaches and other high school coaches around central Iowa. The definition of Interorganizational relationships is a pattern of interaction among authorized representatives of two or more formally independent organizations. An example of this taking place would be. In the summer our basketball team would often go to one or two basketball camps around central Iowa to play teams and practice, and while this would happen Coach Horner who was our coach would often talk and interact with some of the other basketball coaches around the state of Iowa. I went to the biggest high school in Iowa, and with that you see a lot of different types of people. With that exposure to different people and their cultures, our people on out team were not treated differently according to race, ethnicity, gender or class. The one thing that people were treated differently by was what level of basketball team that you played on. Wether it is on the freshmen team, Junior varsity team, or the Varsity squad. And the reason I know this is because I played on all three levels while playing high school. The only way that you are treated different is on game day. For example if you were a starter on the varsity team like I was my senior year in high school some of the people around school and some of the teachers would recognize you and say good luck and often talk to you about the team that you would be playing and if I thought we were going to win or not, which I always thought we would, teachers and classmates would also give you words of encouragement. and if you played on anyone of the lower level basketball teams, people did not care nearly as much.
If you walked in to Valley high school on game day you could definitely tell who the basketball players were compared to the other students. On game days the varsity basketball team had to wear dress clothes, which meant nice dress pants, button down shirt, and tie. I would say that our attire that we wore would be a symbol that we were on the basketball team. The basketball team did not have many rituals, but the one thing that we did was before every game would be the team would get in the huddle, and one of the captains or coaches would say some final words to get us excited and pumped up for the game.
There were many positive aspects about being on the basketball team and any sports team for that matter. Some of the reasons why would be the commrodery of being with your peers trying to reach a goal that you cannot reach by yourself. Whenever you are playing any sporting event you always get the conflict between the two teams that are playing. Both wanting to be able to win the game, if you did not have cooperation between the two teams on the rules and regulation you would not be able to play the game, if there was no agreement on the rules and the regulations the games would not be fun to play in or watch. My high school and every high school have a way of coercion with their student-athletes. I know at Valley high school you had to have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible to play, you also could not get in