basketball training Essay

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April Rivers
Dr. McWilliams
English 1010
10 October 2013
Basketball training
To train for basketball there are certain things that I have to do. I have to have a plan for warm-up, weights, conditioning, individual workouts, and personal goals. I will walk through every plan and explain what needs to be done for each.
The first thing that needs to be done when training for basketball is I need to warm-up before every workout. I jog full court and back at least twice to warm up my muscles. Then I do some stretches for my hamstrings, calves, hips, and arms. Each stretch that I do, I do it for at least thirty seconds each. Warm-up is key, before every workout because it prevents injuries.
For basketball, conditioning is a top priority to focus on. In order for me to run up and down the court without fatigue, for a full length game, I have to condition. One thing I do for conditioning is run at least one mile every day. Every week I boost up the distance at least half a mile and then I start challenging myself by trying to complete the distance by a certain amount of time. One day out of the week I have an off day. An off day is a day to recover and to rest. I always push myself when I get tired; that is the only way I get better. I drink a lot of fluids to stay hydrated and to prevent exhaustion.
The next thing that I plan out is my individual workouts. During individual workouts I work on areas that need improvement. The areas that I need improvement in are ball handling, defense and boxing out the defenders. While I focus on working on these individual skills I also try to at least get up one hundred shots. Individual workouts are a time to better myself as a player and as a teammate and to improve as a whole.
When training for basketball I always set goals for myself. When making these goals I am willing to strive and accomplish them. For example, some of my goals are, during practice or games, I will always be aggressive, I will continue to encourage my teammates during practice and games, I will be vocal and a leader on the court, and I will always be the one to uplift my teammate when