Essay on Basketball: Vladimir Lenin and Josif Vissarionovich Dizugashvili

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Joseph Stalin wanted to rule the world with the Soviet Union. He was one of the craziest and the strategic dictator the world has ever known. The U.S and the Soviet Union had been battling each other, but the Soviet Union the U.S increasing its military power. The U.S also feared the Soviets because of their military power, the increasing in land, and how they were the first ones in space. Although Joseph Stalin’s life was full of exiles and ruling, he had complete control over his nation. Josif Vissarionovich Dizugashvili otherwise known as Joseph Stalin was born on December 18 1978. He studied Marxism then Christianity. He fell under Karl Marx then believing in God. After that he was than exiled from his seminary. Then he followed socialists and had spread propaganda to people and serving as a labor agitator. He was then arrested by czarist police and was sent to Siberia. Later in his life, the Social Democrats split into two groups, the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks. He joined the Bolsheviks to strengthen himself up and gain power. The Bolsheviks was a Communist party was led by Vladmir Lenin. He was then exiled and in prison a few more times and manage to escape. After Lenin died, Stalin was in complete control. He then changed Lenin’s policies and rules. Anyone who refused to do any of his rules would be killed in a second and no second chances. Everyone had to wear the clothes and had no freedom at all. He then had complete control of the Bolsheviks