Basketball Vs Basketball

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Basketball and Golf Buzzer beater shot! Hole in one! The games of basketball and golf each have their own rare and extraordinary events. However, the two games are quite different when compared to one another. The size of the ball, type of playing surface, and the way you score are the three main differences of the two sports. The official regulation sizes of the balls are significantly different. A basketball is much bigger than a golf ball, which is about the size of a black walnut. A basketball is comparable to the size of a globe that people see in a geography class. In the sport of golf, there is only one official size for the ball, which is a circumference of 5.28 inches. On the other hand, basketball has two official ball sizes; a girl’s, which is 28.5 inches in circumference, and men’s, which is 29.5 inches in circumference. As you can see, the basketball is approximately 5 times bigger than the golf ball. Wood and grass are the two types of official playing surfaces for basketball and golf. In the gym, there is a light brown wooden floor with marked team color lines that represents rules and boundaries in basketball. Out on a golf course, there is green grass, which is mowed at different heights to represent rules and regulations during a game. Obviously, a hardwood floor is a lot harder than the nice soft surface of grass. The two surfaces also receive different treatments. A well-tended basketball court will get mopped weekly and waxed yearly. On a nicely groomed golf course, some areas such as the green are mowed and watered daily. Many golf courses are also fertilized on a weekly basis. Scoring points and point values in both of the two sports are completely opposite of each other. In basketball, a team wants to score the most points to win. However, in golf, a player would want to score the lowest amount of points to win. There are different