Bateman's Bay Short Story

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We were all to catch the bus from school to go on our excursion. Most of the kids were getting annoyed as they had to get up at 5 am to be at school for the 6 am departure and we were still waiting for someone running late at 6:15 am. We were all thinking we could have had another 15 minutes sleep! It was still dark and we were trying to spot Bob, the kid running late, in the darkness as we waited impatiently. After what felt like forever Bob finally appeared out of the shadows and after a lot of teasing him we were on our way to Bateman's Bay.

Bateman's bay was an eight hour drive and the bus was that loud that I had a big headache by the time we got to Yass for lunch. The bus had to get some fuel so the kids went and got some KFC and had a run around for a bit. After the teachers though we had burned off enough energy it was back on the bus for another four hours to where we were staying for the week. After those four hours went by we were finely coming down the mountain to our destination.

You could feel the excitement rise in the bus as we rounded a bend and the big blue sea appeared. We saw a lot of fishing boats and bigger boats out wider than the others. Before we knew it we were at the place we were staying for
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The town had a name that no one knew how to say and when we went down there we found all the bigger boats were in the bay. We all got on a big boat thinking that we were going fishing. But then someone noticed that on the side of the boat it had a name and the name said whale watching for the day. We were on the boat for quite a while and some of the kid got sea sick. The sea sick kids forgot about feeling ill when at the end we saw a big whale come out of the water and leap straight up in the air right next to the boat. After we made it back to land we got back on the bus to head back to camp. The kids were all talking excitedly about the whale that we saw come out of the