Bathroom Wars Argumentative Analysis

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Amongst such topics as science, politics, health, an article stands out from the usual titles, Bathroom Wars. The great debate of transgender rights continues into the education category. The author of Bathroom Wars, Andrew J. Rotherham, discussed the current issue of transgender rights. Here he discusses the choice of a bathroom in schools. One part of Americans believes that the transgender community should go to the bathroom that corresponds with their sex. The opposing half of America believe transgender people should be able to go to their identified gender’s bathroom. The disagreement has now journeyed into American schools. In this match of tennis, Trump and his cabinet argue against local school administrators and the transgender community. …show more content…
This picture allows for the rest of the article to be intriguing. The article itself lacks color, though the pictures surrounding do not. As a reader, the cartoon placement in the middle of the article was a poor choice. The political cartoons were awkward in size and lacked a strong relevance to the subject. Between the cartoon and an ad for one of the websites’ articles, it is hard to understand where the article ends. Social media and title follow you but are not annoying. They blend in without disappearing. This is visually appealing to the reader. The ads on the page are for similar articles on the website. This slims the chances of a company having influence in the article, allowing the reader to have more trust in the author. The pictures from the political cartoons and ads do not permit much white space. The links to other articles convince the reader into stay on the website looking for more articles. Though the political cartoons were not about Transgender rights, they were about Trump presidency. This distracted from the focus of the issue.
The author failed within his goals. He appealed to an audience, but not the one he had been hoping for. The article held distracting unrelated cartoons in the middle of his article. Because of his detachment toward the issue, the reader is in no immediate hurry to help. Rotherham may have flopped, but he did stay on track in his writing. His opinions were forward and backed with plenty of facts. His background as co-founder and partner at Bellwether Education Partners has made him a trusting author. Had it the websites’ formatting been more organized, Rotherham’s article might have