Research Paper On Horror Movies

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For me, choosing a favorite movie is like choosing which parent I love more. It’s impossible! I am a movie junkie and signing up for Netflix was probably the best decision my family has made. I enjoy anything from comedy to mystery and from romance to horror. When I was a little girl, mom never allowed scary movies to be played and….well, let’s just say the rules were broken a few times, particularly on the nights she worked. I didn’t watch movies a typical 6-year-old girl would be interested in. Dad and I watched Friday the 13th, Psycho, The Shining, The Haunting, and so many others. It’s alright if you have never seen or even heard of them. All you have to understand is that after viewing those movies you probably wouldn’t be sleeping for the next couple of nights. Apparently, whenever there was a scary scene I would cover my eyes and ask dad to turn it, but right when he changed the channel I would beg for him to turn back! It is a lot like a car accident. You want to look away, but you just can’t; all thanks to your curious mind. Now that I am a little older, dad has said that my attitude toward horror films is exactly the same. No matter how scary the movie becomes, I just can’t turn it off. If you are thinking that this is going to be all about horror films, you are wrong. First of all, R rated movies are not allowed to be reviewed, but secondly, it would be a waste of time because nothing is better than the Batman trilogy. I know, “that’s three movies NOT one!” Well,