Battery and Branded Batteries Essay

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The purpose of my experiment is to see which type of battery lasts the longest. I went and bought three fans and three different battery brands. I bought Duracell, IKEA and Panasonic. I then got a stopwatch and started the three fans at the same time. In the fans they had two of the branded batteries and they were AA+. Then I sat them on the table in front of me and watched to see when the first one started to slow and recorded that fans time, then recorded the time it stopped. The Panasonic was the first battery to slow down, then the Ikea battery, then the Duracell battery. The Panasonic battery died at 57 minutes. The Panasonic battery died at 1hr 10mins and the Duracell lasted over two hours. The result of my experiment told me that the Duracell battery lasts the longest. Introduction Introduction

I went on the internet and browsed at websites giving me ideas on what to batteries to buy and which batteries lasted longest for them. This information led me to buying the branded batteries I bought. A lot of people say that Duracell lasts the longest, but I have also found out that it depends on how you store your electronics when you are not using them which varies how long the battery will actually last for. My hypothesis was that Duracell would last the longest as in their advertisement it says “No other battery beats the copper top." It also helped me decide that Duracell should last the longest as in recent years we have done experiments seeing Which battery lasts the longest? Which battery is worth its price? Most of the time Duracell is the best, so that helped me with my Hypothesis.

Aim or Research Problem Aim or Research Problem

The aim of this experiment is to find out which battery lasts the longest. Investigation Procedure and Equipment Investigation Procedure and Equipment

My design was to place three different fans on the table with the 1 battery from 1 of the brands and place them in the fan. The materials I used was 3 Toy fans, 3 different branded batteries and a stopwatch. I made my measurement of time with the stopwatch. The way I analysed it was by starting all the fans together and putting on the stopwatch as soon as I started all three fans and watched to see which one would slow down first, which one would slow down second and which would slow down third. Then I waited to see which one burnt out the fastest, which one burnt and the second fastest and which took the longest to burn out. The independent variable is different types of batteries and the controlled variable is the same Fans. Picture of me doing my assignment: `+

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

There were no major risks involved with this experiment some of the risks are:
- Battery spills onto your if it’s leaking
- Bruising your finger from the blades of the fan ( The blades cannot cut through your skin)
This experiment had no…