Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mom Essay

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Some parents believe their kids will follow the dreams and pathways they have set up for them. Most of the time children stick with the sport, instrument, or activity. In the literatures “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” by Amy Chua and “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan, they explain the Chinese method of practicing an instrument through the perspectives of mother and daughter. Both writings give different recollections about the mother and daughter relationship in practicing the violin and the piano. Amy Chua’s memoir, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom”, gives the point of view of the mother with the tone of stressful and passionate. She believes, “You can’t play extraordinarily well unless you’re relaxed,” however, Chua does not seem to make her daughter, Lulu, relax at all (Chua 47-48). Chua often screams at Lulu which makes her “edgy and irritable” (Chua 47-48). Although Amy Chua says, “I screamed at home” and “Lulu’s right elbow was too high, that her dynamics were all wrong”, she is positively passionate about her daughter …show more content…
The tone of this passage is bitterness and fear. As Amy is being dragged towards the piano, she said her mom, “Yanked me by the arm” and “Was frighteningly strong” (Chua 141-142). Her mother’s overly demanding actions often caused Tan to sob and never want to practice. Because she was annoyed with her mother, Tan once told her, ‘“I wish I weren’t your daughter, I wish you weren’t my mother,”’(Chua 141-142). Their relationship is intense and has a breaking point, which Amy Tan eventually finds. Tan remembers about the children her mother had lost in China and decides to use that against her by saying, “I wish I were dead! Like them” (Chua 141-142). This causes the mother to, “[Back] out of the room, stunned,” because she does not want to relive that difficult time (Chua 141-142). Over all, the mother-daughter relationship between them was not