Battle Of Gibson

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The battle of Gibson

By Nathan

There I was on my trusty horse makel riding down the main dusty road on my way to good old Gibson. I had just left the cheese hill mines with a few bits of gold. They were pretty big bits and gave me enough money not to go back to the mines so I can spend my time repairing carts. So as I was riding back I saw that there was a heavy cloud of smoke in the air so me and makel rode a bit faster on the track so we could see where it was when we pasted the corner. When we got there it wasn’t pleasant for us it was the saloon in Gibson it was going up in flames we had to go and help put it out. Once the fire was out I saw Johnny the drunk, the owner of the saloon, he was upset, very upset so I had a talk with Johnny and find out why his saloon had set on fire. He told me in his old and croaky voice that he was in dep’t to the murphy boys he said he owed $100 I wondered how he could even reach that dep’t that’s more money than a gambler uses in his hole life time. But he said that he had a lot to drink on that night so he just lost control with what he had and what he could pay but he had not payed of the dep’t and the burning of the saloon was the murphy’s boys way of giving a cruel and nasty warning.
I thought to myself, something has to happen, I have to do something about these murphy boys or they are just going to burn down the whole town and this is my home town everything ive got is here so without it I would have nothing. That night I got some of the biggest, toughest and most skilful men to come meet me at the barn, which was our temporary saloon until the old one was fixed, so there I was with my team of shooters there was me, billy the butcher, bob blacksmith and Adam the farmer’s boy. That was the night the night we organised and strategized for the battle of Gibson, we planned the battle of Gibson. In the morning we told the mail man that when he delivers the mail to the murphy boys that he should tell them to meet us at the main street in gibson at twelve noon on Sunday. It was now time for me and my fellow towns men to set up for the show down on Sunday. We cleaned our guns till there was not a speck of dirt left on them. we also made the finest bullets we possibly could and bought some of the finest whisky for us to celebrate with when we disempower the murphy boys.
The time had finally come it was twelve noon on Sunday then we saw