Battle of the Parks Essay

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Battle of the Parks

Have you ever had a tough time planning a family event? Especially between events that are so much alike. You want to do both but just can’t afford them at the same time. People travel and go out to different attractions around the world. Their number one goal is to have fun and the most exciting time of their life. Some attractions or theme parks are year round and others just come around once a year. For example, Universal studios and the Miami Dade Youth Fair (MDYF), both of the attractions are very well known. Universal Studios and MDYF are alike but, yet so different. The parks’ location, food, and the guaranteed experience make up these parks. To begin, the location of these parks differ in so many ways. Universal Studios is an enormous theme park that consists of 443 acres of land while MDYF just consist of 200. Walking around both of these parks can create a problem later on with your legs. Walking around Universal Studios is very tiresome. I remember when I was 15 years old; I was having so much fun at Universal Studios and wanted to ride every roller coaster there. My body wanted to sit and rest. It is mission to walk around the whole park without your legs giving up on you. MDYF is a bit easier to accomplish the walk around the park. The average person is capable of walking the MDYF at least three to four times without getting worn out. The MDYF is located in Miami Dade while Universal Studios is sited in Orlando. Universal Studios have over 300 hundred rides made for teens. The rides are based on particular movies and television shows. MDYF has over 200 rides and based on what it appears to the eye of everyone. Next, the parks have amazing delicious tasty foods prepared for you to purchase. At Universal Studios there are many dining restaurants that are available at any time. The cost of foods at most restaurants are highly expensive. They are also named by a selection of rides that are there which are mostly from comic books. An example of restaurants at Universal Studios is the “Hulk Shack” which has very appealing food but is known for their green and purple pop soda. On the other hand, MDYF has the best concession stands in town. There will be a concession stand everywhere you turn your head. The prices are very reasonable at each concession stand. My favorite things to buy are the juicy candy apples and also the mouthwatering famous Louisiana lemonade. The total of just these two items are four dollars all together. This is a great buy and good way to save money for other things in the park. Furthermore, the guaranteed experienced at…