Battle Royal Ralph Ellison Analysis

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Thesis: In “Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson friends and family turn against each other due to honoring tradition to get what they want. Both stories representing The Hunger Games as we know today a survival game and sharing the same point of view. Violence is what links these two stories together.
In the Battle Royal a young black man is offered to come say his speech that he gave at graduation, but he didn’t know that he would have to battle to the end in ordered to say it. With friends at his side they didn’t realize that they were coming to fight each other. Violence is the theme for both stories. Though at the end of Battle Royal there is a happy ending. To exploit children to fight for you own pleasure is wrong and the men who set up the fight must have accepted it. “I was shocked to see some of the most important men of the town quite tipsy” (242 Ralph). The kids were there to fight over coins and a scholarship to go to school.
In the Lottery friends and family turned their back against one another in order to honor the traditions of the town. It some ways it reminds us of Battle Royale because they were friends and had to fight each other over a scholarship. “The original paraphernalia for the lottery had been lost long ago,
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They wanted to scare the public. I wonder did the families know what was going on. In The Lottery they are unsure what is going on. Even though one person said “a stoning may offer good harvest.” (259 Shirley). The people just stick to the tradition because they already have been there or they fear change. Instead of talking it out and making a difference the town wanted to maintain it instead of keeping peace. The men in Battle Royal the superintendent of the school and the group of important men wanted them to fight.” We were a small tight group, clustered together, while upfront the big shots became increasing excited” (243