How We Really Shut Down The Wto

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Hollywood has a way of turning real life events appear dramatically different from the real life experience. They want to show what people want to see rather than what really happened. Violence and sex sell so that’s often what they tell. Hollywood can take a real life event such as the protest in Seattle against the WTO and turn it into a completely different story to make it sell. The movie Battle in Seattle is meant to be a story about the protests against the WTO but it doesn’t exactly tell the truth of how the protest actually happened, yes it does follow the story correctly but it is enhanced to make it more seem more appealing to the general population.
On November 30, 1999 protesters lined up all over the main streets of Seattle
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The goal of this organization is too make trade between countries more efficient. “Being established on Jan 1, 1995 with an announced mandate to establish and enforce the trade rules essential to prevent trade wars and the interests of poor nations” (p.295). Even though it is created with good intentions it protects the major companies all over the world, but harms the local farmers. If it is meant to protect poorer nations, shouldn’t it also protect local farmers and the poorer populations of countries? An example being that countries are allowed to trade beef that is enhanced with hormones made by bigger industries rather than beef provided by local farmers with no hormones or genetically modified products. If you don’t want to trade this product you need extensive scientific proof that the product is harmful for it to not be allowed in the country. As stated in the article “Anthropology in the Modern World: Culture and the World Trade Organization” the WTO continues a process whereby good produced in the most industrialized countries of the world, replace goods produced locally, goods that bear the imprint of local cultures. Today local cultures are being replaced by a new global culture (, editors choice). The WTO brings along corporate globalization; globalization that is regulated extensively. We can easily