Battle of the Plains of Abraham Essay

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Sealing the Fate of North America

The battle of the Plains of Abraham was fought on the 13th of September 1759. It was the result of a three-month British siege of the French North American capital of Quebec City. Although the battle lasted for a short period of time, involved comparatively few troops, and caused few casualties, the effects of the battle were far reaching. The British victory at the battle resulted both in the death of the French general – the Marquis de Montcalm – and the British major general James Wolf. More importantly, the battle resulted in the capture of Quebec, which in turn, led to the capture of the remaining French territories of North America. In the previous years of French and Indian war – the North
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The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was thus the battle that sealed the fate of the continent.


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Fred Anderson’s (History professor at the University of Colorado) The Crucible of War is one of the best complete histories of the 7 Years War. It is also a very recent in depth history of the war. It does not only cover the war, but also its impact, such as the result on the Native American tribes and the character of British imperialism. It is an incredible work and should be read by anyone interested in the 7 Years War in America.

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In a slightly more recent work, Anderson writes about how the expansion of British settlers and colonies into French territory and the Native American struggle to survive erupted in the 7 years war, which spread from the backcountry to the courts of Europe. While it is slightly less detailed and comprehensive than his earlier work, but is an excellent book on the topic.

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Mr. Borneman is a history author and his book: The French and Indian War is, like both of Anderson’s works, a very