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Bauman Dynamics

According to Bauman, culture can be defined through three dynamics. These are: The Hierarchical Dynamic, The Differential Dynamic and The Generic Dynamic. The Hierarchical Dynamic sees culture working as a hierarchy, in which, Power, Status and Authority are the main forms that provide culture to evolve. This theory brings change through conformity to what is “average” in expectations of society (the masses). Through education, aspiration is promoted to give us an understanding of what is “ideal” and “right” in living our lives. The negative side of which leads us to the very next dynamic.

The Differential Dynamic, can be seen as a repercussion of the Hierarchical Dynamic as it involves differentiation of “classes” of people as well as a dynamic by itself through it’s qualities. This dynamic is based on discrimination, segregation and separation of “others” which in turn, also allows us to single out a “minority” and give it respect and recognition for being different or better. Through adopting The Differential Dynamic are we allowed to see more of what we do not know.

Lastly, The Generic Dynamic is one that requires a process through including the former two dynamics that allows for change in culture to happen. This dynamic functions through the process of adaptation and assimilation of Hierarchical and Differential Dynamics. Through this “struggle”, the envelope is once again pushed and evolution takes place.

Reflecting these dynamics with regard to the iPad, the product encompasses
Hierarchical and Differential dynamics through marketing, being as the product is marketed as The Lifestyle gadget to have, and not having one differentiates you as not the “ideal”. We can see how this strategy works for the profits of Apple as it