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Chief Justice Warren Burger

Warren Burger, born September 17, 1907, accomplished many things throughout

his career. His legal career held many accomplishments such as working in nominations, being appointed Assistant Attorney General, in charge of the Civil Division of the Justice Department, and later becoming Chief Justice. His court accomplished many things although being conservative, delivering multiple transformative decisions on controversial matters.

Gradually, Warren Burger became very active in Republican politics. He played

an important role in the gubernatorial campaigns of Harold Stassen in 1938, 1940, and
1942. He also became the floor manager in Minnesota Governor Harold Stassen’s bid for the presidential nomination at the 1948 and 1952 Republican National Conventions.
Eisenhower acknowledged Burger’s effort by appointing him assistant U.S. attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Division, and in 1955 nominated him to the
U.S. Court of Appeals.

During Burger’s reign, he and his court accomplished many things. While they

were deeply conservative on most issues, on issued involving the rights of the criminally accused, he was known as a “law­and­order” judge. Burger focused his and his courts efforts on the administrative functions of his office and worked to improve the efficiency

of the judicial system. Among his reforms, there were courts employing professional administrators to help run the courts and continuing education for judges.

One of the most prominent decisions during Warren Burger’s cases