Bazin Essay Racism

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Jefferson Bazin
Prof. Kaufman
Eng. 001
Thesis: Racism is still prevalent in the United States in a variety of forms and has negative affect on people who have been a victim of it.
I. Race
II. Prejudice
III. Culture
Conclusion: Racism still exist but there ways that it can be prevented in order to stop it from causing a disaster to our nation.

Racism in the Society Racism has been major issue in the society since the 1950’s and still exist even now. Even though the United States is a multicultural nation it has faced and is still facing many racial issues from the time of the civil right movements until now. It is strange that many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in our schools and in our workplace and just about everywhere else. Everyone somewhere in the line has either been a victim or a witness of this foul act. People sometimes think that a person born a racist since birth. But it is obviously impossible that someone would ever be born a racist, it is not a disease, so one can only become a racist from their childhood until they reach their adulthood. In other words no one is born with it. Well then how do we characterize a racist, a racist is someone that believes that there is one superior race above all others and feels other races are nonexistent. I have experienced and read about many forms of racism.
In this essay I will discuss how it affects people and what should be done to help eradicate this issue. I have experienced racism as teen in this country and witnessed it. When I first appeared in the U.S remember while I was going to school one time someone approached me and ask me “Where are you from?” I answered “Haiti”. They looked at me and raise their eyebrow and said “you don’t look like a Haitian”. I stunned it is as if people expect you to look and speak a certain to describe or display your background specifically, how ironic.
On the other hand, this guy that had class with in high school, I never forgot it, he was very kind, helpful and outgoing, a lot of kids I know use to make fun of him because the fact that he was black the bullied him. They called him all sorts of names such as; a thief, a robber and told him that he wouldn’t never hold in important part in this world. I really bad and because of it I saw he’s reaction of how hurt he was. The results shows he could barely performed in class and couldn’t focus and never raised his hands to either ask or answer any questions though at times he did understand the lesson that was being taught. What I believed hurts him the most is the fact that when it was happening some teachers saw it and did nothing about it.
But that is nothing compared to the damage racism causes in the workforce people with the qualifications and skills would not be selected for what the job is that they have applied for due to the fact that the manager may feel that their race is not sufficient enough for their business or other way to look at it is when it comes to promotion time the person most deserving of the promotion is less likely to received that promotion if their boss is a racist.
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