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Businesses that are setting up today should have a website, the reason for this is because it will complement their business as well as help them gain more customers. The term complement means advertising the business and informing customers what the business offers. I will be describing three different types of business organisations operating online.

The first business I will describe is selling goods online, the name of this business is MAC Cosmetics, and they are one of the top make-up companies in the world. The sector in which this business operates in is private as the business is privately owned. The type of online presence this business has is inviting online transactions; this means customers are able to purchase beauty products online without having to go to the store. The key features of this website in particular are that it is extremely easy to use as the dropdown menu is not very busy and everything is categorised. Another key feature which I found interesting is that the website has short five minute video clips showing viewers how to apply products.

The second business I am going to describe is called British Airways. British Airways is a UK air transport company which was established in August 1919, this business sells services. The sector this business operates in is private and the type of online presence this business has is also inviting online transactions as well as information only. You can purchase air travel tickets on this website and check departure/arrivals information. It is also dynamic as offers and air tickets do not last forever. The key feature of this website is that it gives Flight information and lets customers rent cars in London, Orlando, Nice etc.

Last but not least I am going to describe my final business which is called BBC, this business is the Worlds leading broadcasting organisation. This business uses the income from the licensing fees to provide services which include eight national TV channels along with regional programming, ten national radio stations and forty local radio stations along with an extensive website. The sector this business operates in is very unusual because it is a public corporation, it is not quite private and not quite public. The type of online presence is that it is dynamic because the weather changes every hour. The range of business activity this business has is that it gives out information only. The key feature of this website is the iplayer; if viewers missed a programme on TV they would be able to watch it again on BBC iplayer. A final key feature of the website is that if you want to see what the weather is going to be like you can edit the weather information and input your post code or the city you live in.

Each of the businesses I have described can benefit from having a website in many ways.

MAC can benefit by having a website because most of their stalls are small and based inside another shop which could be crowded and customer may have to wait up to ten minutes for an employee to approach them, therefore by MAC having a website customers could look up beauty products and either order online as it will be much more convenient and easier or go back to the shop and ask for deeper details on your chosen product.

British Airways can benefit from having a website as they have special promotional offers which they can display on the website for viewers to see, this could lead to their views going up as the majority of customers do have an eye for a bargain. It is better to advertise on a website than a magazine or TV because it is much quicker, if British Airways were to advertise on a magazine then somebody would have to design the page deliver it to the magazine studio etc which would take quite a while the same would happen if the company decided to advertise on TV because they would have to write