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A Nonprofit Food Bank
Brandee Brooks
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The Golden Age Food Share Program is a nonprofit organization that serves senior citizens and low income families in southeast Washington. The food bank was first started out of a truck in 1992. The coordinator Annie has put a tremendous amount of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears, and money into helping the low income in her area. Without food banks the low income would go without meals on a regular basis.

A Nonprofit Food Bank Non Profit Food Banks are an enormous help in low income communities. These organizations help put food in the homes of the needy. The nonprofit food bank I am referring to in my essay is a very important organization in my life, as I have been a part of it from the first year it started and serves mostly senior citizens. Most food banks face tons of setbacks and obstacles before they are able to fully succeed and accomplish the main goal of being a flourishing nonprofit organization.
The Golden Age Food Bank started operating out of the back of a truck in 1992. A church that had moved eventually helped out the GAF and let them use their empty building at no charge on Wednesday and Thursday’s for distribution. After receiving only donations from community members and stores willing to help donate products that we close to coding but still fine for consumptions, the coordinator Annie was able to save enough to enough money to rent a small building in a better neighborhood and was able to get the word out to more people within the community. Her motto is “seniors helping seniors” (Annie Montgomery). From lots of elbow grease, word of mouth, time, and tons of volunteer hours the GAF is a fully functional food bank that serves mostly low income senior citizens. They have had land donated to them and were able to build their own building. The GAF receives federal and state grants along with community donations to operate and cover all expenses they occur monthly.
The coordinator is not only the operator, but also keeps the food bank running in top shape and in an easy manor. She gives each volunteer certain tasks to complete each day, and almost micromanages each person to get the tasks done at hand in a timely efficient manner. They have a board that will also come in, help out, and make certain suggestions to keep everything running according to the OSHA and Health department codes.
The basic legal obligation for a nonprofit food bank is it has to follow is OSHA, and for the food bank they also have to follow the health department regulations. For the OSHA standards the food bank must make sure all pallets, boxes, storage areas, break rooms, and any electrical cords are put into a safe area. This means pallets must be out of walk ways, boxes and storage areas need to be neat and have nothing stacked to high, and all electrical cords are properly used. If anyone is hurt and injured per OSHA regulations “Within 7 calendar days after you receive information that a recordable work‐related injury or illness has occurred, you must fill out this form or an equivalent” The food bank must follow all health regulations; the health department regulates how the food must be stored in each area and per food type. The health department “Shall inspect a food establishment at least once every 6 months.” (Food Code 2013, p.g. 210.) When an organization fails to meet the health department regulations they are given a certain time frame to correct the violations
“Considering the nature of the potential HAZARD involved and the complexity of the corrective action needed, the REGULATORY AUTHORITY may agree to or specify a longer time frame, not to exceed: (1) 72 hours after the inspection, for the PERMIT HOLDER to correct violations of a PRIORITY ITEM; or
(2) 10 calendar days after the inspection, for the…