Assignment 1: Making A Good News Phone Call

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Assignment 6.1: Making a "Good News" Phone Call
Dontay L. Fortune
December 10, 2014
Jones International University
BC355: Business Communication Contexts

Dear Customer Service Team, As an associate for Ashton Consulting, I will be developing upgraded guidelines based on “good news” phone calls for the Rocky Mountain Credit System. Furthermore, I will begin by helping the RMCS customer service team use their phones to turn a customer complaint into a “good news” situation. To begin, the customer service team must realize that the way customer complaints are handled can make all the difference in maintaining customer relationships. Customer service should begin each call with a positive and upbeat image toward the customer. This image will help diffuse hostility between the customer and the service representative. If you are on the phone, a smile can still be heard by simply behaving as if a customer is in your presence.
The Complaint Next, as to establish an emotional aspect with the complaining customer, allow him/her to explain the problem completely without interruption. Customer service should take notes and actively listen. As you are taking notes and listening, acknowledge the customer’s problem and offer to help. In your own words, you need to repeat problem to make sure you completely understand, so you can offer a solution to the best of your ability. Doing this will allow customer service to remain engaged in the conversation and on the same page. Take the time to verify details and record them for the company as well; follow Rocky Mountain Credit System’s (RMCS) procedure and policies for filing complaints. While remaining in an emotional aspect, thank the customer for making RMCS aware of the problem, and give the customer assurance that you are reporting the complaint.

Resolution In the case of “loyal” customer Mr. Olds, he has already stated the solution he desires, based on the notice he received from the RMCS Company. Evaluate what the Mr. Olds wants—as well as the customer compare it with Rocky Mountain Credits System’s policies and procedures, if these wishes align with company policy and procedure then honor the customers wishes. Furthermore, if the customer request further benefits from RMCS, then you approve or feel comfortable with, then contact your supervisor or manager.
Anticipated Questions and Concerns
1. How can I contact Rocky Mountain Credit