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bCA: You are asked to write a piece for your student newspaper on an aspect of life which annoys you. This issue is a movie special, so they ask that you use the name of a film as your title.
Film: The Help
Racism is so stupid! Like what is wrong with people? Whether you are black, white or brown, you could even be blue, we are all people.
Why do people think it is right to judge a person for their skin colour? White people are black but with a lair of white paint over them. That is saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Black, brown or white people are the same. We all have the same body parts, same amount of bones and same everything.

I’ve always wondered what it is that makes some people feel so threatened by other cultures, other religions, other forms of sexual expression. Is it a fear of the unknown?
Racism leads to verbal abuse of name calling such as “You black cow” which also leads to violence which is so bad it comes to damage of property, looting of shops, riots within the community. People will fight against racism so that future generations have a better life and better understanding of discrimination. It starts from a small name calling or bullying of a particular person as for the colour of their skin, or a particular name, religion or belief of an individual. This affects people in everyday life, work place or even higher position jobs where a person may not be considered because of the colour of their skin or because of their gender.
It is in human nature to fight for the best things in life and make better life for their family and protect them in every way they can, against these problems. Like the case in America where the white policeman was not punished for shooting a black teenager in the head 6 times. The black community got together against this decision, riots broke out, looting of shops occurred and people broke out in fights. The community got angry and fought back in the only way they knew how?? This is a typical case of racism taking place in the 21st century so the problem hasn’t gone away.
In the past, history has shown that these things have happened on a large scale like Africans were taken as slaves to America to work in the fields, their freedom was taken away and they were owned by the "white masters" whom they